Love Me Some Shug

I love laughing with my mom.  As a young adult in community college, I still shared a car with Mom. She and I would often run errands together.  Sometimes, if we had extra time, we would head over to the card aisles and spend 30 minutes reading funny cards, laughing until we cried.  It was sort of an unofficial contest to see who could find the funniest card.  We must have been quite a sight to normal people running into the store for milk and bread.

This Thanksgiving, while visiting Mom for the holiday, I started sharing my excitement about backpacking and my newfound love of “hammocking.”  It’s no surprise that when I headed over to Shug’s YouTube Channel for the following review of the Warbonnet Ridge Runner I was considering, we were sucked in.  I unashamedly admit, we are super cheesy in our sense of humor, and we watched way too many videos!

If you’re ever looking for incredible information on anything related to backpacking, Shug is the way to go! I can’t wait to try out my Ridge Runner!



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