A Daughter’s Love

My dear friends, I want to introduce you to my sweet and spicy thirteen year old, Ginger. She is a gifted writer, weaving creativity and beauty together in profoundly touching ways. Ginger has given me permission to share this incredibly beautiful poem written last month, in preparation for Mother’s Day. So we are co-writing this post!

Ginger Sicks, April 2020
I am from decks of cards,
from Silverton and Thieves spray.
I am from the fire pit in our back yard,
covered in ash and memories.

I am from the azalea bush,
The dog wood tree,
Whose white petals fell like snow on a windy day.

I am from birthday bowls and big curly hair,
From Sarah and Christopher and Naomi.
I am from the hikers and the big hearts,
From where to now? And let’s go outside.

I am from family worship around the fire pit,
And Psalms late at night.
I’m from Ernest and Irene,
Roasted chicken and acorn squash.

From the scar on my aunt’s arm that came from a burning stick,
The mark on my mother’s head from the surgery to get rid of the cancer.

I am from the countless photo albums,
Sitting in our big white shelves in the basement,
Full of smiles and happy memories frozen in time,
Retelling old stories of those who came before me,
Falling like leaves from a big oak tree.


I sat silent, with gaping mouth, and overflowing heart! How could such words come from one so young? Ginger is our deep thinking, our big feeler, and a young woman who does everything with full gusto and passion. She reminds me a little of someone else I know!

As my single adulthood increased from years to decades, I grieved the loss of my dreams to have babies. I grew content in loving children who needed a healthy mother figure in their lives. Finally, I embraced the privilege of getting to raise Mossy, my nephew. Little did I know, at the time, that God had three other children who would need my momma’s heart. Not only do I get to have sons, but I also get daughters!!!!

Though I did not give birth to her, or shape her first ten years, Ginger is the closest child to being a “mini me.” We love to sing, make music together, pick wildflowers, watch sunsets, garden, take walks, hike, paint rocks, make delicious goodies for our loved ones, decorate the dining room table, light candles, laugh with our whole bodies, and pose for selfies!

She is such a gift to me and I am blessed to be her second mother.

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  • Cynthia

    This beautiful poem deeply touched my heart. Ginger is a gifted poet who will only become better at her craft as she lives. I hope to read another poem by her on your blog someday.

  • Robin

    Just lovely…God’s fingerprints are all over your story! You are a beacon of how to trust Him in everything! Love you!

  • Renee

    Beautiful! I’m so happy and proud for you. I love peeking in to see the beautiful life you are creating with your precious family. Thinking back through all the years and smiling as I see before me the plans God had that we couldn’t even begin to guess.. ❤️❤️

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