A Little Bit About Me

Photography with words.

As I’ve traveled the world, walked down the street, embarked on adventures, and faced heart wrenching realities, I’ve written down my thoughts.  I’ve attempted to paint a picture with my words to convey some glimpse of the journey to those around me.  And this is what I’ve discovered… below the surface of the situation, there is a heartbeat we share.  In telling our stories, we are connected to one another – comforted, inspired, encouraged, understood.  Our stories offer each other an opportunity to grow, and learn a little bit more about life and love and hope.

Most of my adult life has been spent working with non-profit organizations.  I’ve traveled to countries like Mongolia, Haiti, and Spain to work alongside long-term missionaries.  My love of education has taken me to English schools overseas, into a special education middle school program, and to curriculum development for underserved kids “slipping through the cracks.”

I crave hiking, backpacking, good food, and exploring new places.

So this blog is an invitation.

An invitation to sit in the murmuring cafe with me, for a mid-morning conversation.  An invitation to grab your camera and capture something beautiful.  An invitation to trust even when it hurts. An invitation to grab your backpack and boots to explore nature’s wonderful beauty. An invitation to laugh, to cry, and to share our true selves.

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