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    Monkey Business

    One of the benefits of driving several states away to visit Mossy every month, is that I’m now listening to so many amazing audio books.  This month, I didn’t plan ahead very well, so I found myself standing in front…

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    Coming of Age

    Weaving through the mountain ridges, I began to think about my soon approaching 40th birthday. I’m not facing a midlife crisis. If anything, I feel like this birthday is a coming of age!

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    Remembering Ruthie

    While driving down Folly Quarter Road to substitute teach, my heart was filled with a sweet memory.  The last time I drove down this road, a dear 89 year old woman sat in the passenger seat. The sun was halfway…

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    Red Sea Road

    While the rain outside is refilling the streams, preparing the earth for the life of Spring, there’s rain inside me too.  In the midst of missing my past and longing for clarity of the future, seeds of hope are forming…

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    Step into the room with me.  There are cushioned chairs set out in a U-shape, with a few “TV dinner style” tables set in front of them.  You’ll see elderly Kathy scowling, a young 20-something Mark smiling with his bongo…

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    As Sure as the Sun

    I remember standing in the gymnasium with Mossy after Capital Kings had just finished their opening act for David Crowder.  Energy was explosive as the two band members jumped around on stage, banging on some synthesizer in the center of…